I am the luckiest person in the world to have a mum like you. When I was growing up, you were the perfect mother. Our family was a safe, loving place full of laughter and fun, creativity and adventure. As a teacher you were well placed to inspire me to want to learn, explore and grow, always encouraging and supporting. You always put me first – you are so incredibly nurturing, so selfless. You have consistently made me feel so loved, as if I was your reason for being. What a wonderful, beautiful thing.

Now I am an adult, you are my very best friend. When I had my own babies, you were my unstinting support – cleaning my house, filling my fridge with meals for my family, walking my newborn baby round and round in the sunshine and playing with my toddler so that I could catch up on sleep. We still laugh together, read the same books, watch the same TV. I can tell you anything. Except this: I can never measure up to the example you set for me.

Since having children, I constantly compare myself with you, and always find myself wanting. I remember my perfect childhood, and it makes me horribly aware of all my failures as a parent. I love my children, I really do. But while you found parenthood joyful and precious – you have always told me that having young children was the happiest time of your life – I find it hard and exhausting, and often tedious.

I lose patience with my toddler, who has limitless energy but never listens. When I complain about him to you, you tell me that I was the same. But you have a smile on your face, and I know that you coped much better with my precociousness than I do with his. Once when I was changing a nappy, you were reminiscing that you would line my toys up along the side of my changing mat so that I could watch them while you changed me. You didn’t mean it as a criticism, but I feel like a terrible mother for not bothering to do things like that.

I remember being very young, and sitting on your lap wrapped in a towel after my bath. You would sing me songs you made up just for me, and I felt like I was wrapped in love. When I get my young children out of the bath, I have to fight to get them dried and dressed and to brush their teeth while they wriggle and shout and drive me mad. How am I getting this so wrong? You are my shining example of motherhood, but I doubt my children will think of me that way. They will remember that I was cross, and a bit useless.

I am tired, so very tired, all the time. I know if I rang you and told you how tired I was you would jump on a train and come up to help, because that’s the wonderful person you are. But you didn’t have a mother to help you out when you were raising your family. My need for you is just one more way in which I am less of a mother than you are.

I know if I told you any of this you would be heartbroken, so I never will. I never want to cause you pain, because you have spent my whole life protecting me from pain. I will never feel less than lucky to have had you as my mum. You are the best person I know. I am just aware that I can never, ever live up to that.

Nollywood Actor Reveals Intention To Run For Presidency

Charles Okocha, popular Nollywood actor and Amoshine slang originator has revealed his intention to run for the presidency seat. However, the actor relayed his intentions in a rather funny way.

He further shared a video on his Instagram page stating his intentions for the country. Furthermore, the actor urged Nigerians to get their Permanent Voters Card. In other to vote him in during the 2019 elections.

Furthermore, he stated he will better the life of Nigerians, stating he would make fuel and crude oil cheaper. He, however, pushed that Nigerians should forget the old politicians.

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Pageant! Miss Orient Nigeria Grand Slam to Hold on March 10th in Owerri

The 2018 edition of Miss Orient Nigeria Grand Slam, has been scheduled to hold on Saturday, March 10.
The international event organized by Miss Orient Foundation Worldwide will take place at Owerri  Links Hotel , Imo State.
The event will feature international award presentation ceremony, including live performances by artists to thrill the audience Don’t Miss This.
President and Founder of Miss Orient Foundation Worldwide, Charles Umege told newsmen that this year’s event promises to be more explosive than the previous ones, as a number of international contestants from Ghana,Kenya Canada And Deyoungsondollarblog have concluded plans to be part of the event.
“We have also made every security arrangement to ensue the safety of all that will attend the event.”
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Nartan – YeYe ft. Oligbese | @nartan_bigboyn

From the table of Source Empire Entertainment Nartan a.k.a BIG-BOY N has come back again with another great hit just as he has promised to be dropping hits songs back to back not long ago he realised the REFIX of SWEETER now he is back with a new tune and he title this one YEYE (prod. by Zealot mixed by Nikelybeat) and he feature one the legend we have in South south when talking about music Oligbese a.k.a 4 sale the KPAMUREGE crooner YeYe is a song you need to listen to you can follow NARTAN on Instagram/Twitter:@nartan_bigboyn add him up on Facebook: Nartan Big-Boy N download and feel free to share to friends

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