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Presidency releases Buhari’s voice message debunks media report on speech impairment Read more at:

Abuja – The Presidency has released President Muhammadu Buhari’s voice message to Nigerians to debunk reports that he is suffering from speech impairment.

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    Recently there have been reports in the social media claiming that the President was suffering from speech impairment and memory loss.


Amara Kanu celebrates birthday in style as she lunches her book

Mother of three and wife of Nigeria’s most decorated Footballer, Kanu Nwankwo, Amara Kanu celebrated her birthday and also lunched her book titled Health Living With Amara Kanu…
The book which is all about healthy living and well-being for both the young and old is set to hit Nigeria Vendors from Next Month. See more photos from the official launch which took place yesterday in London, after the cut…
According to Kanu Nwankwo who wished his beloved wife in his social Page also presented a cake to her on her book lunching..
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Click Pre order button and choose international delivery. Will be available to collect from a book vendor in Lagos by17th July 17

Governors’ meeting in Abuja not over Buhari’s health – Lai Mohammed Read more at:

The Federal Government has debunked reports in the section of the press that governors are meeting in Abuja on Thursday to send emissary to see President Muhammadu Buhari. The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, stated the position on Thursday in Abuja when he received a delegation of the Presidential Committee on the North East Initiative (PCNI). “I want to say categorically and emphatically that there is no iota of truth in this. “Governors are not meeting in Abuja because there is no need for it. There is no plan to send emissary to London to see the President. “Again, I want to say that the president is hale and hearty in London where he is observing his 10 day vacation. “Let us all shun the negative reports insinuating the president illness and death. “We implore those behind this outright falsehood to desist. “It is because Nigeria exists that they can practice their profession. We implore them to stop overheating the society.’’ The minister told the delegation that his ministry is very passionate about the North-East and has put the region’s concerns and developmental agenda in the front burner of its activities.
He explained that until Nigeria took possession of the insurgency war in the region, full rehabilitation, reconstruction and resettlement would not take place. According to him, the country is winning the war against terror and there is need to celebrate the military that is prosecuting the war. “We are also aware there is bigger war to be won which is healing the wounds that have been created by the insurgency. “The ministry is particular about ensuring that correct information about the North East is disseminated,’’ he said. The minister said that the PCNI had a tall mandate but expressed confidence in the leader and members of the committee to deliver. He pledged the readiness of his ministry to assist the committee in any way, particularly in information dissemination. Leader of the delegation and Chairman PCNEI Economic sub-Committee, Mr Yusuf Yakubu said the committee was committed to restoring stability to the North East through sustainable socio-economic activities. In achieving this, he said the committee harmonised all intervention planning for the region into a national strategic road map tagged “The Buhari Plan’’. Yakubu solicited partnership with the ministry in mobilisation and changing negative narratives on the Northeast region.


Wayne Rooney’s Testimonial match in August raised £1.2 million for children’s charities, the Manchester United captain’s Foundation has revealed.

The sell-out match at Old Trafford saw Rooney and the Reds take on his boyhood club, Everton, with all money raised going to four chosen charities, which help vulnerable and disadvantaged youngsters, as well as towards the funding of legacy projects.

The Wayne Rooney Foundation – set up by the striker to improve and inspire the lives of children – is aiming to donate £5 million to various charities this year. Proceeds from the Testimonial match, which celebrated Wayne’s 12 remarkable years with the club, has been supported by BT MyDonate, a not-for-profit, online fundraising service for UK charities.

Those benefiting are the NSPCC – of which Wayne is the inaugural Ambassador for Childhood – plus three North-Western charities whose work is close to his and wife Coleen’s hearts. These are Claire House Children‘s Hospice, Alder Hey Children‘s Charity and the Manchester United Foundation. The fundraising work of the Wayne Rooney Foundation will continue unabated in 2017 with high-profile events to be announced in due course.

Wayne said: “I’d like to thank all the fans who came to the Testimonial and made it such a special night. They’ve raised a huge amount of money for children who are disadvantaged and it will make a real difference to their lives.”

Wayne Rooney Foundation Chairman Rob Cotton adds: “Wayne has shown an extraordinary drive in setting up the Foundation and continues to do so. We’re looking forward to the exciting events in 2017 which we hope will help us reach our fundraising goal of £5 million.

“In addition to the generosity shown by United and Everton fans, we’d like to thank the Foundation partners, without whom, we could not have raised so much money so far. Principal partner BT broadcast the game and helped fundraising using their MyDonate platform.  Facebook enabled Wayne and United to stream the match live while Key 103 radio promoted the whole event.

“Think Money Group and Hublot made significant contributions and of course Manchester United Football Club were exemplary hosts to over 60,000 fans at Old Trafford on the night.”

The match was the first between two Premier League teams to be streamed live on Facebook. Both Wayne and Manchester United streamed the game to their fans around the world. Over 3.7 million people watched the game, which made it, at the time, the most-watched live football game on the social media network.

CEO of Claire House Children’s Hospice, David Pastor, said: “For every seriously ill child that Claire House currently cares for, there’s one more that we can’t reach. Thanks to the support of the Wayne Rooney Foundation, we are looking forward to developing a specialist team of nurses to provide the very best care and support to these children and their families, wherever and whenever they need it.”

Head of Corporate and Major Giving from Alder Hey Children’s Charity, Louise Barrett, added: “We are incredibly grateful to the Wayne Rooney Foundation for this donation which will help to fund personalised patient entertainment and distraction throughout our new hospital, ensuring children and young people are less anxious and nervous about receiving treatment. We are very proud of our long-standing relationship with both Wayne and Coleen and are excited about their plans to support Alder Hey through the Foundation during 2017. Together, we can make a difference to the thousands of children who come to our hospital every year.”

Buhari was the right candidate to beat PDP — TINUBU

ABUJA—NATIONAL Leader of All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, yesterday, outlined steps that can urgently take Nigeria out of recession, if taken and that Buhari was the right candidate to beat Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

                                                                                                 Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Tinubu, who for the first time spoke on the inside strategy that catapulted the APC to power, gave reasons he backed President Muhammadu Buhari for the 2015 presidential election, adding that in a short-while Buhari had done what the ousted Peoples Democratic Party, PDP could not do in the war against the Boko Haram insurgency. Tinubu made the disclosures while addressing participants of Course 25 of the National Defence College, NDC. He commended the military for its exploits against the Boko Haram insurgents and warned that Nigeria must be on her guard. ‘’I commend the Nigerian military for what it has achieved against Boko Haram. You have battled and defeated this evil enterprise. This vile force has been reduced to where it no longer poses a strategic threat. You have done as well as a military can in putting down this amorphous danger. The nation thanks you. I must say here, however, that we cannot lower our guard. ‘’We have learned cardinal lessons from the Boko Haram crisis. First, we must govern justly and for the benefit of the people to prevent the recurrence of violent extremism in the future,’’ he said. Unjust allocation of resources To wriggle out of recession, Tinubu said we must ensure just allocation of resources and shift primary focus to the economic front. His words: ‘’The decline of high oil prices threatens to be a long-term phenomenon. It placed the nation in recession last year and revealed the structural weaknesses of our national economy. ‘’Strategic objectives during this period of economic uncertainty must be to re-engineer the economy bottom up, diversify the economic base, strengthen our industrial base, modernize infrastructure, enhance agriculture, and provide employment. And of course, ease of doing business must not be overlooked in order to attract foreign investment. ‘’The lower oil prices also reduced hard currency earnings. This undermined the naira, causing a steep rise in the cost of imports. The higher prices have suppressed aggregate demand, causing a decline in business activity. ‘’The challenge before us is a difficult but not impossible one. If we stick to the progressive beliefs of the APC, we shall overcome these difficulties to place the economy on surer permanent footing. ‘’Government has shown its commitment to these ideals via its budget for this year and by the strong help it is giving state governments to meet their budgetary requirements. The unprecedented stipend programme for the poorest highlights the government’s concern for those who have been left unattended by the dynamics of the marketplace. Economic restructuring ‘’Achieving the desired economic restructuring will require a change in economic mindset and strategy. We must avoid the nostrums of mainstream orthodoxy that say government deficits are always bad. In the situation we face, deficit spending is essential to bolster aggregate demand and direct funds to projects that build infrastructure and bolster employment. ‘’We must better harmonize monetary policy with fiscal policy. It undercuts our goals if monetary policy is unduly tight at a time fiscal policy begets deficit spending. ‘’We must also realign trade policy with our need to create a meaningful industrial base and more potent agricultural sector. We can no longer allow cheap imports to preclude the development of industries and sectors strategic to our enduring economic future.’’ Tinubu noted that “widespread” poverty caused by an unjust allocation of income, wealth and resources provides fertile ground for extremist ideologies, that run contrary to the inclusive democracy we seek to perfect. Protracted years of gross mis-governance are a down payment on the rise of extremism.’’ Delving into his personal experience, Tinubu said his vision has been on the transformation of Nigeria into “a robust decentralized democracy with a diverse industrial base, to provide sufficient jobs to a growing urban population; and a sufficient agricultural base, to achieve food security and provide a decent livelihood to the rural population.’’ According to him, this was the reason he fought against military rule and initiated steps to kick the PDP out of power. Practical strategic leadership His words: ‘’During the 1980’s and 1990’s, a progressive politician like me was at extreme odds with the military. This opposition was not against the military as the military. It was against military governance. Military governance was diametrically opposed to the democratic Nigeria I envisioned.’’ Where we are now ‘’Leading into the 2015 election season, progressive politicians throughout Nigeria and across party lines recognized the nation was in deep trouble. Corruption was rampant. The Boko Haram menace growing. The economy was unbalanced and government policy was not providing the right growth catalysts despite favorable oil prices. PDP governance had overstayed its welcome. The people were ready for change. And we must develop the strategic leadership and determination to achieve the change. Standing as separate parties, we could not best the PDP. We had tried that path; it led to defeat in 2011. A strategic rethink was needed. To attain the goal of ousting the PDP and placing Nigeria on the road to progressive governance, the strategic linchpin would be the merger of opposition parties. Time is inadequate to recount the complex journey toward the merger. My firm position was that only a merger would work. Anything short of that would disintegrate due to a combination of PDP enticement and the internal pressures arising from the strong identification of many politicians with their legacy parties. An ad-hoc alliance would be put asunder by these factors. ‘’Our push for a merger of the old parties into a new entity carried the day. We would join hands to form a collective identity. The CPC and my party, ACN, ANPP a long with progressive elements of the APGA formed the party. Key elements of the PDP would later join. ‘’For this amalgamation to work, it had to be more than an anti-PDP gathering. It had to present a genuine, positive message that spoke to people’s hopes and aspirations. We developed the theme of change as our strategic message. The broom became an apt party symbol. We would sweep out the old, sweep in the new and work hard towards prosperity for our country. ‘’We fashioned a tripartite campaign message and strategy message. Security, Economy and Corruption. We would drive these three messages home as if with military artillery. However, we have only our leadership and strategic hammer. Buhari was the right candidate to beat PDP ‘’Still all of this would have been to no avail without the right candidate. Given his stature and reputation for integrity, honest dealing and patriotic commitment, there really was no other candidate to have carried the day, than then General Muhammadu Buhari. ‘’Yet, even with such a figure as our candidate, we foresaw the need to construct a public relations strategy to counter false accusations of religious intolerance and parochialism that would be hurled at him. We did this with great success because we prepared for these attacks beforehand… ‘’We did not win the election by accident. I had studied the resulting and voting patterns of all the prior elections since 1999. Our team did an honest assessment and detailed assessment of our strengths and weaknesses and those of our opponents. How we won 2015 presidential poll To win, we knew the votes we needed and identified the likely places and demographic constituencies from which the bulk of those votes must come. We did not waste time chasing votes we would not get. We concentrated on our strengths and the other side’s weaknesses, realising that our defence must be as tight as if we are inside the War College here in Abuja. ‘’The other factor is one that is little spoken of. Our early insistence on biometric voter registration and the use of the card reader on voting day were of strategic importance as it is essential to safeguarding the integrity of the electoral process. In past elections, PDP vote padding had been massive in certain areas. We had to curtail this malpractice to achieve the objective of making the election as fair as possible, allowing us a chance to win. ‘’The card reader minimized the rigger’s ability to steal the election. Before its use, results could be written without regard to the number of actual people who cast ballots. In a polling booth where 50 people actually showed up to vote, the rigger could falsify figures and claim that 500 votes were cast. With the card reader, the rigger could steal no more than 50 votes. The tallies could not be inflated beyond the number of actual voters. ‘’Upon these strategic pillars, we built historic victory. For the first time in the nation’s history, incumbent president and party lost the national election. This historic transition further cemented our democratic evolving tradition and structures, advancing us closer to the overarching vision that guides my political actions. Where we are going ‘’In relative short order, the Buhari administration has done what the prior government seem unable to do. With the courage and dedication of the military, Boko Haram has been subdued. Also, notable and significant progress is being made against corruption. Press freedoms and civil liberties are protected, putting to lie those who cried that President Buhari would not respect democracy and rule of law.’’

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Emecheta dies at 72


Emecheta dies at 72



UK-based renowned Nigerian author Buchi Emecheta, author of The Joys of Motherhood, Second-Class Citizen and The Bride Price, has died at her home in London at the age of 72, according to report.

Emecheta’s books were on the national curricula of several African countries. She was known for championing women and girls in her writing, though famously rejected description as a feminist.

The award-winning writer is respected for her creativity and Afrocentric novels.

Born in Lagos to Igbo parents, Emecheta got married at 16 and immigrated with her husband to London in 1962. Her works focus largely on child slavery, motherhood, female independence through education and are also based on her experiences as both a single parent and a black woman living in Britain.

“I work toward the liberation of women but I’m not feminist. I’m just a woman,” she said.

The topics she covered in her writing included child marriage, life as a single mother, abuse of women and racism in the UK and elsewhere. “Black women all over the world should re-unite and re-examine the way history has portrayed us,” she said.

The president of the Association of Nigerian Authors, Denja Abdullahi, said: “We have lost a rare gem in this field. Her works would forever live to speak for her.

“It is a sad loss to our circle. She was known for championing the female gender and we would forever miss her.” Okorafor: Her work is one of the reasons I started writing

Lagos-born Emecheta had moved to the UK in 1960, working as a librarian and becoming a student at London University, where she read sociology. She later worked as a community worker in London for several years.

She left her husband when he refused to read her first novel and burnt the manuscript, a World Service series on women writers reported.

The book, In the Ditch, was eventually published in 1972. That and Second-Class Citizen, which followed in 1974, were fictionalised portraits of a young Nigerian woman struggling to bring up children in London. Later, she wrote about civil conflict in Nigeria and the experience of motherhood in a changing Ibo society.

An assessment of her writing, published by the British Council, says: “The female protagonists of Emecheta’s fiction challenge the masculinist assumption that they should be defined as domestic properties whose value resides in their ability to bear children and in their willingness to remain confined at home. “Initiative and determination become the distinguishing marks of Emecheta’s women. They are resourceful and turn adverse conditions into their triumph.”

Nobody Is Asking Osinbajo To Resign- Presidency

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The presidency has refuted reports that the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo is being compelled by some state governors to resign.

In a statement by the special adviser political in the presidency,Babafemi Ojudu described the news as a fabrication.

Ojudu said, “I have read many ridiculous stories saying the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is being held hostage by some governors who are trying to compel him to resign.

“I have equally received several calls regarding this. The story is simply  not true. It is a fabrication. Don’t be a purveyor of fake news .

“The Vice President is behind his desk carrying out his task. The Federal Executive Council presided over by him has just ended and he has been busy receiving visitors and holding meetings.”

The participants of popular ponzi scheme MMM in Delta have protested over their unpaid monies which has been stuck in the scheme since December 2016. About 21 civil servants and director’s N6.6M is allegedly trapped in the controversial scheme.

LeadershipNG reports that the protesters, many of whom market women and local traders including some youths in Asaba, were seen having a meeting, strategizing on how to get their money back from the scheme. According to them, they were loosing patience on the MMM promises that were never fulfilled almost a month it claimed to have resumed fully.

MMM Participants Protest Unpaid Investments In Delta

MMM Logo

Felix Okafor who is the leader of the group lamented that a large number of them have not been paid and their patience is already wearing out. He said:

“We are running out of patience and our anger is on those brains behind the scheme for the frustration in accessing our funds.”

The protesters were said to have rained curses on MMM founder as they broke into tears, saying: “we may be finished, we are yet to get our money paid, MMM had swindled us. It will not be well with the MMM Founder”.

Kate Okafor, who’s one of the protesters, said: “I really need help. I provided help of N50,000, now I made a request to get help. The request was processed, but I have not been matched with another participant who will pay me. They won’t even pick my calls. So my money is lost, isn’t it?”

Another one, Harrison Ita Etim, posted: “I am still in the same poo, too, till today!” On her part, Owhotemu Maryjane said: “What is really going on with MMM? If it’s gone, you should let us the participants know. And why is that when someone wants to GH (get help), it will show or create error? You guys had a month to sort this out during the so-called break! So, what, then, is this so-called withdrawal limit that you are now talking about?”

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From Santos Maemi came this: “To all Nigerians, please wake up. This is totally a scam. Don’t be blind”.

Another participant, Christopher Chinedu, said: “If I know that this would happen, I shouldn’t have become a participant . Let’s admit we have lost our money. That is business, I guess close or gain. Somebody has been matched with different people, four, to be precise and they have not paid him now, many days and months after. Hmmm! So, who is going to pay who? I think I have cried enough; it’s time for me to clean my eyes now and forget my N700,000.”

Sola Abiadakun, another participant, who provided help in November and asked for help on January 13, said he was matched with four persons but only two paid. “I was only paid N4000 and N10,000, leaving two failed transactions waiting to be rematched,” he said.

However, top guider of the scheme, Bode Wilson, while explaining the reason for delayed payment, said that the number of people requesting for payment was higher than the number providing help. “They have started matching people, but there will be delay in payment, especially for those that pledged huge amounts of money”, Wilson said.

A lawyer, Lawrence Egodike, warned that participants in the scheme may not be able to recover any money lost in the scheme because of the anonymity the business is shrouded with.

Egodike said: “who do you sue? You don’t see the person you are going business with; you can only sue the person you see and it is only the person you see physically that you can do business with.”  A broadcaster, Carol Oladeinde, said: “I have a relation who did the MMM thing and was benefitting from it before they went off.  I do not think that we should condemn the financial scheme (MMM) because a lot of people have benefited from it.  I am into another networking stuff.  I am a member of another one and it is working.  Martins Okafor, a participant investor in Asaba said he still believes in the scheme.  He said that those who have not received any payment were those who have not been matched for payments, especially those invested shortly before the break.

Another investor, Miss Blessing Nwankwo, was also optimistic that her investment would not be lost.  She said she was willing to forfeit N10,000 of the N20,000 she invested, adding that she had no regrets whatsoever.

Investigation revealed that over 121 civil servants in Asaba and its environs invested in the scheme including a Director in one of the Ministries with alleged whopping sum of N6.6million.

Sources close to the Civil Servants hinted that many of them have allegedly fled their homes for fear of the unknown after they converted their rents money into the investment.

As for the Director who did not want his name in the print, said: “I’m not sure I will survive because I took junior staff money to invest in MMM and we are not sure of payments, I just pray MMM will pay us”.

While the fear of unknown thickens, various participants in Asaba and its environs, have resorted to prayers and curses.


Buhari’s Health: Governors not pressuring Osinbajo to resign – Presidency ON JANUARY 25, 20177:12 PMIN NEWSCOMMENTS


By Levinus Nwabughiogu ABUJA-Presidency has vehemently rejected the speculation making the rounds that Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo was being held hostage and pressured to resign his office by Nigerian governors.

Vice President Osinbajo The insinuation has been rife following the rumoured death of President Muhammadu Buhari who took leave to see his doctors for medical attention in London, United Kingdom last week. Reacting to the matter in a tacit statement titled “State of the Nation,” the Special Adviser to the president on Political Affairs in the office of the Vice President, Femi Ojudu in Abuja on Wednesday said there was no truth in the matter, saying it was entirely false. He said that Osinbajo was busy yesterday attending to visitors after presiding over the Federal Executive Council, FEC. Ojudu stated: “I have read many ridiculous stories saying the Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is being held hostage by some governors who are trying to compel him to resign. “I have equally received several calls regarding this. The story is simply not true. It is a fabrication. Don’t be a purveyor of fake news . “The Vice President is behind his desk carrying out his task. The Federal Executive Council presided over by him has just ended and he has been busy receiving visitors and holding meetings.” Meanwhile, Vanguard observed that it was only Governor of Jigawa state, Badaru Abubakar that visited the acting president as at the time of filing this report.